Three years ago, I visited my great grandmother with my family. She lives in a quaint, quiet town but she is nothing of the sort! She is elegant, spunky, generous, and confident. She is also extremely fashionable. Whether it be a casual, day outfit or a church ensemble, she is coordinated, polished, sleek, and pressed.

During this particular visit, she allowed us the privilege of going through her closet. Gratitude and excitement radiated throughout my body. So not to appear greedy, I remained calm while my eyes did the marveling. We’d finished the tour and she offered us her rejects (that honestly contained gems!)

My young, underdeveloped fashion eyes saw this bag. I didn’t quite know what I’d do with it, but I had a good feeling, so I claimed my find. I’ve worn this bag before, but haven’t styled it correctly. But my time has arrived! Currently in the Spring/Summer 2017 season, basket bags are in! My bag isn’t like the more literal designs of a basket, but the weaving and square design provide just as much interest and trendiness. Frequently seeing this trend has helped me in styling my own vintage, basket-like bag.

I paired this with a mock neck, shift dress to complement the shape and structure of the bag. I added woven, Summer booties to create this neutral-toned, mod look.





Details: Shift Dress (Forever 21) // Bag (Vintage) // Shoes (Mix No. 6)


Summer Leather

“Girl, I KNOW you’re hot!” I smile weakly as the last bit of moisture in my dehydrated body beads up on my upper lip. Unless the night is over and I’m heading home, I will never admit to suffering for fashion. I’m not hot. No, I’m not hanging up my leather jacket just because it’s Summer. I chose this look so I will silently face the consequences while working my angles.

A leather jacket completes an outfit. It can take a simple outfit from dull to street style chic. I recommend everyone keep a good leather jacket around. Should I hang it up in the heat? Probably but weather cannot keep me from a good look!

Adapt the styling of a leather jacket to make it seasonally appropriate. If you insist on wearing an out of season item, check the weather and wear it on a cool Summer’s night. I paired my leather jacket with a bralette and skort so I wouldn’t completely overheat. I may not be wearing my jacket under the “perfect” circumstances, but I’m making it work regardless. I’ve never been a huge rule follower anyway….


Details: Faux Leather Jacket (Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant) // Bralette (Torrid) // Skort (Sophie Rue) // Monika Heels (JustFab)

The Basics.

Basics. They’re absolutely essential for your wardrobe. When you’re first building your wardrobe and identifying your style you need a solid foundation. Basics can include but are not limited to: a blazer, tank top, LBD (little black dress), black pants, everyday denim, etc. Trendy, statement pieces are fun but do not benefit the longevity of your wardrobe or wallet.

Switch it up! Pair together basics instead of piling on trends. I paired together a unitard and a skirt to keep this look simple and polished. The silhouette is on trend but the ensemble itself is not “trendy.” Knowing the difference will allow you to possess a sustainable wardrobe. Minimalism is in. Give it a try!


Details: Lashanti Unitard and Basic Camel Midi Skirt (PrettyLittleThing)// Heels (Aldo) // Clutch (Target)


VOTD: Vintage Muva

In 2014 I was thrifting and came across these pants. “I love these pants! I can make them work!” I lied. Truly, I was more interested in the label that read Ralph Lauren rather than the styling possibilities. I had no great desire to wear them, but they were vintage (circa the 1990s) and only $8, sooo they were placed in my cart. I’ve worn those pants once. Until yesterday…..

I was on my way to a first birthday party. I dressed my son in the cutest navy and white striped Ralph Lauren romper. I wanted to match him and suddenly remembered the oversized Ralph Lauren button down I had cut up. I was wracking my brain for what high waisted pants I owned and I remembered the pants.

I gulped and tried them on. “Ohhhkayyyy!?” My inner hype(wo)man said to the mirror. I had created a look. It only took years of uncertainty and an impulse buy later to reach this point, but I was pleased. My fro and hoop earrings played up this vintage ensemble beautifully. I added my favorite everyday shoe and picked up my little Ralph Lauren accessory….I mean child….and walked out the door. Vibe of the day (VOTD): Vintage Muva.


Details: Ralph Lauren Button Down (thrifted)//Ralph Lauren Pants (thrifted)//Beston Cut Out Booties (Aldo)